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I am a fun of online flash games, like flash games. But it often wastes me too much time to open the site, to start the game. Sometimes, it will disable the playing when network disconnection happens. Is there a way making this kind of online games to download to play? My friend told me Online Game Downloader, a product of VTools. It is small and easy to control, even for common computer users. I want to share with you about the results of the try.

When playing flash games online, problem sometimes happened:

=> Time consuming – playing these games, we usually need to open the site and click into the categories to select and start
the game, or enter the game’s name to get it, which spend us too much time.

=> Limitation of network connection. Playing flash games online requires smooth and fast network connection. Its disconnection disables games playing.

While, using Online Game Downloader, these above problems disappeared. I downloaded many flash games by it.

Following steps below to start Online Game Downloader, you can also enjoy the fun in flash games any time, any situations.

=> Download Online Game Downloader, and save it in computer;

=> Open the flash games site, which you often played, and find the game;

=> Copy the site address of the game, which will be pasted into Online Game Downloader automatically;

=> It will download the selected game, in seconds, by clicking “download” icon, and save it into the folder “flash” as swf. file, in the disk, in which you save Online Game Downloader.

You can also choose the disk to save downloaded flash games, and select to open this kind files in Online Game Downloader, clicking “setting” icon in the up-right part of the interface.

Next time, to start the game, you just need to open the swf file in Online Game Downloader, without site address, time consuming, or network connection consideration.

Want to have your favorite Online Games to Download? Download Flash Games is a useful tool for you. Hope it will help you enjoy the fun of playing flash game.

Floater Lemming
computer online games
Image by ZeroOne
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At the beginning of the Helsinki University of Technology semester 2009-2010 someone had decorated the Computer Science Building lobby with lemmings! Excellent!

I couldn’t resist editing out the wires holding this fellow in the air. 🙂

In case you became interested in the game I found out that there’s an online version called the DHTML Lemmings.

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