A Guide To Play Free Online Games

There’s nothing like a relaxing afternoon break with a cup of coffee in front of your computer, and if you can’t find anything else to do, you play free online games.

A simple search can bring up over a hundred sites that let you play popular and obscure games the world over. Some let you play against other site members who happen to be logged in at the same time. The games differ on some sites, and many sites do require registration which can take some time.

Anytime something is free, however, there’s a catch. As they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. These sites are not in business to provide you with an interesting coffee break. They are in between to capture your web surfing habits and sell your information to other companies who want to target you for various sales promotions.

There’s a reason they have a privacy policy posted – but it’s sad no one takes the time to read these documents. If you take the time to review them before registering, you’ll clearly see their intentions of collecting your information and using it to make money.

Even committing to one single game of solitaire could have hundreds of spyware and adware cookies placed on your computer, not to mention even more disastrous Trojans. Having some computer problems lately? Start remembering all those free sites you’ve been taking advantage of and run a security check on your computer. You might be shocked at what you find.

In reality, if you’re interested in playing games online, you’d be better off paying for a membership. In exchange for your membership fees they reduce the adware (cookies!) they place on your computer. In any case, read the privacy policy before committing to anything.

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