IIT Full Form – What is IIT, its exam preparation, eligibility (full form of IIT)

IIT Full Form – What is IIT, its exam preparation, eligibility (full form of IIT)

After appearing in 10th, students usually decide their goals. And tax should also be taken because after 10th you become eligible to give various exams. In these, a competitive examination IIT also comes, in which the students of class X and XII participate in it. So let’s get complete information about the full form of IIT in today’s blog. Along with this, get other special information related to this course.

Only those students who are studying in 10th class from Science stream can appear in IIT exam. But to clear this exam, the student has a special need of proper guidance. There are many students who do not have any specific knowledge about this subject. Due to which they are not able to appear in this competitive exam. Let us know the full form of IIT, what is IIT, how to prepare for the exam, minimum qualification to appear in the exam etc.

IIT Full Form – What is IIT, Full Form of IIT

The full form of IIT in English is “Indian Institute of Technology”. Its full form in Hindi is “Indian Institute of Technology”. The same logo is called IIT in short form. 10th and 12th pass out students can appear in this competitive exam provided they pass out from science stream. If you are also a student, then you must know about this competitive exam.

What is IIT?

ITI is actually a group of Institute of Technology Education established by the Government of India. Which is continuously working in providing high quality education to the students.

IITs are considered to be one of the most prestigious institutes not only in India but all over the world. Through these institutes, many high level scientists, research, technologists and engineers from all over the country emerge as engineers.

For your information, let us tell you that India’s first IIT institute was in IIT, Kharagpur. It was established by the Government of India in 1951. There are 23 IITs in India today, which are present in different states and parts of the country. Lakhs of students study in these institutes.


The same whenever engineering is mentioned, the name of IRT first comes to the mind of the people, because it is known as the most prestigious institute of India, and lakhs of skilled and capable engineers emerge from these institutes. . Which is on big posts like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

You might not know that all ITI institutes are autonomous institutes. That is to say that the rules and regulations of all the courses are made by the IIT Institute itself.

Normally admission to IITs is done after class XII. To take admission in these institutes, the candidate has to pass through two entrances, and this exam is one of the toughest exam in the world.

What are the exams a student has to go through for IIT?

To get admission in ITI college one has to clear jee main first.

Around 2.5 lakh students who clear the same jee main appear in jee advanced exam to get admission in IIT. At the same time, only the top one lakh students who clear it successfully get admission in IIT.

Different courses are offered to the students in ITI College. Known by the branch term. Such as civil engineering, software engineering branch students who get good ranks. They get admission in high level courses like software engineering for B.Tech. Students securing the same low rank get admission in branches like mechanical, civil engineering.

When to start IIT preparation

If you want to get admission in IIT, then the best time for it is after 10th pass. We can say that 11th class students can prepare for it.

All those students who want to go to IIT have to go through IIT entrance exams. If they want, they can prepare for IIT from 10th onwards. Many students also join its special coaching for preparation. They also study 10th and 12th simultaneously.

Eligibility for doing IIT

For doing IIT, it is mandatory for the student to take 12th science stream.

Note: Along with this, keep in mind that the students must take Physics and Mathematics subjects in class 12th. It is necessary to take Chemistry or Biotechnology as the third subject. Apart from this, it is mandatory for the student to have 75% marks in 12th to take admission in IIT. There is also a provision of some percentage relaxation for SC, ST.

At present, all the students who clear JEE-Advanced will get admission in IITs. With this, there is no longer any requirement of minimum marks in 12th.

Which subjects are included in IIT exam?

As already told to you, this competitive exam is very tough. The questions in this exam are mostly from Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Top IIT Colleges in India

At present, there are 23 IIT colleges in India. Which is located in different states of the country. In which the first IIT college is located in Kharagpur. Apart from this, states like Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Hyderabad, Indore, Banarasi, Bhilai, Goa, Jammu Dharwad also have IIT colleges.

Why IIT is the first choice of students?

IIT Institute is the largest institute in the country in which high quality education is provided to the students.

The best resources are provided to the student in these educational institutions. Very experienced professors here teach students who are masters in their field.

The most brilliant mind students of the country come out from ITI.

You would love to know that financially assisted scholarships are given to the students studying in IITs.

Along with that, they are also given a golden opportunity to go to the world’s renowned university for internship. Along with studies, IIT students also actively participate in extracurricular activities. All these are the important reasons due to which IIT is considered as the first choice of the students.

Always after reaching 10th, students start worrying about their future and they start deciding what they want to do, what they want to become. And accordingly, they choose their subject after the metric.

Which subject you have to take in 12th, it depends on what you want to become. Many students want to become an engineer and a good college is needed to become an engineer. IIT is also an institute associated with these. In this article, I have given you all the information about IITs.

In this article I have tried to give you all the important information of IIT like IIT kya hai, IIT full form (IIT full form in Hindi), how to prepare for IIT etc.

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What are the benefits of doing ITI?

The full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institutes i.e. Industrial Training Institute. After doing ITI, you can easily get government and private jobs. There are different types of trades in this course. There are government, private colleges of ITI and many universities also provide this type of course.

What is the full form of ITI

The full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute and it is a government training organization responsible for providing industry related education to high school students.

How many years is the course in ITI?

The duration of ITI course ranges from 6 months, 9 months, 1 year or 2 years.

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