Introduction of Windows 10

Introduction of Windows 10

An operating system is required to operate a computer. You cannot operate any machine without an operating system. But how do you operate it? It is important for us to understand which command is given by the operating system to execute it.

An operating system has a collection of instructions, that is, many commands from which we tell the computer how it will work? For example, to watch movies in the computer, we will give the command to the movies application of the operating system. So complete this tutorial in which you will learn Introduction of Windows 10 and how to operate computer.

Introduction of Windows 10

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Getting Started to Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will go through the introduction of Windows 10. Microsoft Windows is a multitasking operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation, which helps the computer to run. It is likely that you have to follow this tutorial on how to run Windows 10 in a computer? That is to learn according to a beginner, and you would like to know how to walk it? So this is a basic class, in which you will learn Introduction of Windows 10 in 2022

Introduction of Windows 10
Introduction of Windows 10

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Windows 10 is designed to work not only on desktop and laptop computers, but also on smaller mobile devices like tablets and phones. Its user interface is clean and simple so that it scales gracefully and works responsively across all device formats. You will be familiar with some of the features of Windows 10 in this tutorial.

Sign in to Windows 2022

Let’s start by looking at the Lock and Welcome screen because when you start your PC, it is the first thing you see.

In the center of the welcome screen is your Diya Dua user photo or avatar, At the bottom of which there is a box which asks you for your PIN, i.e. Password.

As soon as the password is given, the Windows interface will open, from which we will operate Windows by giving commands.

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  • Windows Welcome Screen Picture 1.1
  • The Windows Desktop Screen

After signing in to Windows, the Windows 10 desktop will be presented to you. The Windows 10 desktop consists of a background image or colored background that appears on your desktop screen.

Its user interface consists of basic elements, in which elements like icons, start menu, taskbar, which we will be familiar with one by one.

It would help to understand where these elements appear on the Start screen and what they are used for.

1. Desktop Icon :

A picture symbol displayed on the desktop that is part of a program or preloaded feature in Windows, we call it an icon. It is part of the Windows or graphical user interface. Icons appear everywhere, and are really just a symbol added to the desktop for a program folder shortcut. So that we can run the program through the icon.

2. Mouse Pointer :

Mouse cursor, also known as mouse arrow or mouse pointer, mouse pointer means a graphical image used in a graphical user interface to command or run Windows elements. It indicates to us where the mouse should make its next move, such as opening a program, or dragging a file to another location, etc. When you move your mouse, its pointer moves with it.

Introduction of Windows 10

3. Desktop :

This is the Windows “work area” which means it is where you work with your programs and documents. Apart from this, you can customize the desktop of Windows by changing any background image in it. When referring to an operating system or GUI (Graphical User Interface), a desktop is an organized set of icons on a screen. If you’re more familiar with a smartphone or tablet, you might think of a desktop as a home screen, much like a smartphone.

4. Start Menu :

In Windows 10, the Start menu or as we call it the Start button is a small button that displays the Windows logo and is always visible on the left corner of the taskbar. It is like a TV remote, if we have to run any program, then we run the program from the start button itself. You can click on the Start button in Windows 10 to see the Start menu. You use this button to start it, from which you will see all the programs and features of Windows in the menu.

5. Search Bar :

You use this search box to search for any item on your computer or if it is not in the computer, then we remove it from the Internet. Windows Search box in Windows 95 Replacement of Run and Find box found in Windows XP Is. With the release of Windows Vista, the Windows Search box is a handy feature of Microsoft to search for files or documents with a keyword.

6. Taskbar Icon :

The taskbar is a bar, which is a bar at the bottom of the desktop screen. The taskbar itself includes shortcuts to the Start button, searchbox, icons, notifications, and date and time commands. Here Taskbar Icon When we open the start menu, right-clicking any program and Pin to taskbar, then that icon is added to the taskbar. From this taskbar icon, we run the program by clicking directly. We keep any program that we use again and again by pinning it to the taskbar.

7. Taskbar :

The taskbar is the access point for programs displayed on the desktop. As we have known, the taskbar is a bar, which is a bar at the bottom of the desktop screen. And the taskbar itself includes shortcuts to the Start button, searchbox, icons, notifications, and date and time commands. The task bar is necessary in the computer, any task we do in the computer, it keeps on notifying it in the taskbar. On the right side, the taskbar houses the notification area that notifies the user about various things like the status of the internet connection or the charge of the laptop battery.

8. Notification :

The notification area is located at the right end of the taskbar. It includes some icons, which you can click to see the notification, there are icons like Battery, Wi-Fi, Volume, Clock, Calendar, and Action Center which keep you updated. It provides status and information about things like incoming email updates and network connectivity. You can customize which icons and information appear there, or even hide certain notifications.

9. Date and Time :

Your computer system has an internal clock that keeps track of the date and time. Even when the computer is turned off, it always keeps it updated. By default, Windows 10 displays this system date and time in the notification area at the right end of the taskbar. This displays the current time and date on your computer. To view the full date, hover the mouse over the date that displays the full date. To change the date or time, click on the time and change it.

Introduction of Windows 10

The mouse is an integral part of most desktop computer experiences. By default, the mouse pointer is represented by a small arrow that moves around the screen. As soon as you move the mouse, the arrow will move in your direction, and sometimes it will fade but the mouse continues to work like you are watching a video, so the arrow will disappear automatically. There are two clicks in this, both Left Click and Right Click have different functions. How is the mouse pointer used? It understands.

Left Click :

Mouse Pointer Left Click-use: A mouse pointer is an indicator that appears on the computer screen. It signals to the point where the user’s action takes place. To run any program, the user moves the mouse pointer to the icon of the desktop, then double clicks with Left Click, then that program The run takes place. Most of the work is done by Left Click itself and all inputs or commands are executed by pressing the Left Click mouse button.

Right Click :

Mouse Pointer Right Click-use: Right Click on the mouse is usually used for additional information or shortcut work of the selected item. For example, if you right click on the icon of a program in the desktop, then on pressing the right click button, a drop-down menu with options like Open, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename etc. will be displayed, which will help in speed work. is used. This is useful for using additional options.

Desktop Icon

Introduction of Windows 10

Meaning and Uses of Desktop Icons

After logging in to Windows, we see small picture symbols called icons in the screen area of ​​the desktop, which represent any program, file or folder. When you install any application software, the shortcut of the icon is created in the desktop.

When you start a new computer for the first time and it has preloaded Windows 10, by default with a clean installation, only the Recycle Bin icon is visible. The Recycle Bin works like a dustbin, your deleted files or folders get deposited in the Recycle Bin.

Show desktop icons in Windows 10

Your desktop icons may be hidden. To view them, right-click the desktop, select View, and then select Show Desktop Icons. This will show the complete hidden desktop icons.

The new computer’s desktop screen will only have the Recycle Bin icon, and you can add more icons, such as This Pc, User’s file, Network, Control Panel, etc. To add it:

1.Right-Click Mouse and then select Personalize iconPersonalization > Themes.Theme Icon

Step-1 Right click Personalize

2.Under Themes > Related Settings, select Desktop icon settings.

select theme on windows 10

desktop icon setting

3.Select the icons you want to put on your desktop, then select Apply and OK.

Start Button

What is Start Menu? Introduction of Windows 10

The Start button is a small button that always appears on the left side of the taskbar that displays the Windows key logo. In Windows 10, if you click on this button, a Start Screen menu opens which we call the Start Menu. Whatever application you have installed in the Windows 10 operating system, it is displayed in the Start screen.

From here you get many features like sign-out, setting, account setting, power option. Any application can be pinned to the start menu. The detail class of the start menu and a complete article will be known.

Windows Start Button

For even more features on your computer, right-clicking on the Start button opens a pop-up that contains commands for all other Windows programs. You can also shut down or sign out of the computer from here, apart from this, options from the run command to the control panel are displayed here.


In this article, you learned Introduction of Windows 10 in Hindi, what is the user interface in Windows, these are the initial things, which will be easy for you to understand, follow the next article to learn more about Windows.

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