What is Linux and how many types are there? What is Linux In 2022

What is Linux and how many types are there? What is Linux In 2022

With the advent of Linux technology, our work has become much faster and has become easier, every day some gadget or electronic keeps coming in the market, due to which our lifestyle has been greatly affected, people are using gadgets for communication and employment. These are gadgets, they work like mini computers, in which a special program is inserted, like how the keyboard will work in these programs, the operating system is used to make these programs work, many in the world. There are operating systems such as IOS, Mac, Android and Windows. Apart from these, there is another operating system named Linux, today we are going to tell about what is Linux.

What is Linux – Linux operating system in English

Like Windows, Android and IOS, Linux is also a type of operating system. Operating system is an interface between the user of a computer and the computer hardware, in which the user can easily interact with the computer. OS is a collection of software that is used on the computer. Manages the hardware resources and provides general services for the work of the computer. You must know that without the OS, the computer cannot do any work.

What is Linux and how many types are there? What is Linux In 2022
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Linux is the most popular and multi-operating system that manages all the resources associated with your laptop and desktop. Manages Linux Uniux is a famous version of the operating system, it is a free and open source software, it means that a developer can use Linux Coding on the Internet for free by modifying the code according to his own and taking it for commercial and personal use Linux operating system. It was originally made for personal computers, but later this operating system is used on many platforms such as Gaming Console, Mobile, Smart Tv and even vehicles from this operating system.

History of Linux – Linux History In English

The Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and was released by AT&T’s Laboratories under the General Public License (GPL). Were doing this when Linus and some users found that this OS can work better by making some changes in Minix

What is Linux

Then he requested their creator Andrew Tanenbaum to make some changes and improvements in Minix, then Andrew said that this change is not necessary in him and he did not change, then at the same time Linux decided to make its own operating system which allows the user to comnet. Will keep in mind the suggestions of further improvements Linux was a student of C programming language, so he started writing code in this language, about 95% of the code of linux is written in C language and the rest of the coding he wrote in Assembly Language and other languages. After preparing the coding, the operating system was named Linux by adding Linus and Unix. Linux was designed to be Unix friendly, so many Punchunality is similar to Unix. Linux and Unix are similar in many ways. Linux is free while Unix is ​​not free.

Types of Linux – Types Of Linux In English

  • KALI Linux
  • Redhat Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Mandriva Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • Tiny Linux
  • Xandrous Linux
  • Side Linux
  • Bash Linux
  • Knoppix Linux

How many parts are there in Linux?

There are 3 main components of Linux operating system and what is its function and why is it important for it

  • Hardware
  • Kernel
  • Shell System Utility
  • Hardware
  • The first components of Linux are hardware, in which peripheral devices such as RAM, hard disk drive and CPU together form the hardware layer for the Linux operating system.


The other components of Linux is Kernel is also the main part of Linux as it is responsible for all the major activities of this operating system, it interacts directly with the internal hardware. Kernel services to hide the lower level details of hardware in system or application program. provides |

Shell System Utility

Shell is an interface between the user and the kernel that hides the complexity of the kernel’s functions from the user. This user accepts commands from the user and also takes action on them. Provides services to perform personal and special functions are used by the system utility only.

Features of Linux

Linux operating system is much better than other OS and has many features.

  • Portable
  • Security
  • Open Source
  • Multi Programming
  • Shell
  • multiuser
  • We are going to tell you about some important features that you must know.

Linux is an open source operating system

  • Portability is one of the main features in Linux
  • Linux OS and its applications can work in the same way on different hardware of different OS.
  • Linux is a multiuser and multi-programming operating system.
  • You also have the feature of multitasking in Linux.
  • Linux is quite secure so that it does not have any problems like viruses and malware
  • Linux is used by big companies around the world such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, which has grown because it is quite secure. Linux is also used in many electronic devices.


In today’s article, we told you that Linux Kya Hai in Hindi or Linux Operating System in Hindi as well as told about its features, how did you like this information, tell us by commenting and also share on social media.

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