What is Python || full 10 information

What is Python || full 10 information

Python Kya Hai In Hindi All the applications or software that run on computers and mobiles, they run on some program only, which are made by some programming language itself. In today’s time, you have many programming languages. It will be seen like C, C ++, Java etc. These are all computer languages ​​which are written and understood by humans and every language has different features which make them different from each other as technology is changing. By the way, there are changes in these programming languages ​​which provide the best features to the user. Learn a lot about Python.

What is Python?

Python is an open source high level interface and general purpose programming language, which is very easy to use and it is also considered a very powerful language. Python is used to create desktop, GUI applications, websites and web applications. Python language is a programming language similar to C, C++. Python has been ranked as the top 10 most popular programming language in the world by the Programming Community Index. And it is easier than other languages, its syntax is unique which makes this language readable for the user.

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Different developers can also translate by reading Python language, which is much easier than other languages, Python has the facility of Dynamic Type System and Automatic Memory Managemnet, due to which the cost of maintenance and development of the program is also less Powerful. Being a language, big companies like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest are also using it. Python supports the use of language models and packages.

History of python

Python was invented in the Netherlands by Guido Van Rossum Python was started in 1980 and after about 10 years Python was launched in 1991 and in January 1994 the first version of Python was released Python 1.0, this language was made in this way It has been said that the code written in it can be easily read and understood, its specialty is that we do not have to pay any money to learn it and it does not require any license, it is available on General Public License which Key is a free software license that allows the user to run and read the software.

History of Python Version

  • Python 0.9.0 (Feb , 1991)
  • Python 1.0 (Jan, 1994)
  • Python 2.0 (Oct, 2000)
  • Python 2.7.0 ( July 2010 )
  • Python 3 (Dec, 2008)
  • Python 3.6 ( Dec 2016 )
  • Python 3.6.5 ( Mar 2018 )
  • Python 3.7.0 ( May 2018 )
  • Python 3.8 ( Oct 2019 )
  • Python 3.9 ( Oct 2020 )

Why was this programming language named Python?

This question must be coming to your mind that why it is named Python, Python is the name of a snake species, so let me tell you that this name originated from a comedy show which was released in the 1970s by BBC Comedy Series Monti. A script was published in the name of Python’s Flying Circus, influenced by this, Guido Van Rossum named his language Python. Currently, the Python language is currently maintained by the Co Development Team, which always brings new updates and features to the Python programming language. Keeps adding

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Why is Python used?

Python is an object oriented programming language that we use to build software, it is also an interpreter language, which means that the code of the programs written in it does not have to be compiled by converting it into a computer readable format to run. Whereas before running the code in other programming languages, the object code of the source code has to be converted, with the help of an interpreter, Python code can be run easily on almost all computers. Can work on different platforms like Linux The most used language by programmers in today’s time is Python.

  • System Software
  • web application
  • Computer Graphics
  • Website Creation
  • Game Development
  • App Development
  • Sever Side Programs

You will be surprised to know that Python is also used in NASA, where Python programming language is used to make tools and space machines, it is also used in AI (artificial intelligence) and Data Science. Python’s standard library Supports many Internet protocols such as html. < XMLl > , JSON , IMAP , FTP etc. |

Features of Python

Python is a high level programming language that is very easy to code, read and maintain, its source code is freely available to all, its code is always kept open for all users to reuse or modify. so that the user can use it freely. This is one of the reasons why Python language is called Open Source Programming Language. Python has many unique features that make it different from other programming languages ​​like


Python language is very simple language, it is easy to use, so it is considered as the easiest language in computer language. They too can easily become a programmer by reading this language.

Interpreted Language

Just as we need to compile other programming languages ​​like C, C++ and Java to run first, Python code is processed by Interprete at run time itself. Python executes the program’s code Line by Line at the same time. That’s why this language is also called Script Language, although because of being interpreted, Python is a little slower than other languages.

Platform Independent

Due to python being open source, it is available on many platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Python’s code easily runs on any platform, so if you write Python’s code on any operating system, then you can run that program on another operating system. I can run without any problem. There is no need to write different code for different platforms

Extensible Language

Python is a fully extensible language, that is, the code of other programming languages ​​can be found in its source code, if you want a part of a program to be executed faster, then you can write that language from another language C. The language can be integrated easily with C and C++.

Large Standard Language

Python is a very large standard library present, this library is suitable for many types of tasks, it provides us with a rich set of modules and packages for rapid application development, due to which we do not have to write separate code for each task. There is a Module for creating User Interface, Module for creating Web Frameworks, Medule is for exchanging data with Database, similarly Modules are available in the Library to perform many tasks.


I hope python in English and how many types are there and also you must have been happy to know about python, as well as how did you like this information, definitely tell us in the comment box and also share on your social media as well. |

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